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Glass Nail File vs. Emery Board

Glass Nail File vs. Emery Board

Why choose a glass nail file over a traditional emery board?

We know you love your nails and are looking for the best solution to improve your nail health. Emery board file or a glass nail file - which one to go with if you want smooth and strong natural nails? Well, Bona Fide Beauty believes in all things beautiful and healthy. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a glass nail file over emery boards:

1. Superior Material Quality

The emery board files are made from emery paper, a type of abrasive sandpaper stuck on a cardboard stick. When you slide the emery board across your nail, it scrapes the edge of your nail and leaves a rough nail surface. As the emery board has a coarse texture, it leaves behind jagged edges.

The Bona Fide Beauty glass nail file is made from tempered glass known as Bohemian Glass invented in the Czech Republic. The glass is then treated and undergoes an etching process which gives it a fine-grained surface. This premium quality Czech glass file is gentle on your nails and does not cause any damage. When you file using a Czech glass file, it smooths your nails and seals your keratin layers, leaving you with no jagged edges. These files do not corrode, rust or rot.

2. Prevents nail breakage and splitting

With more prolonged usage, emery board files tend to make your nails weak and more susceptible to chipping and peeling because of their rough sandpaper texture. As a result, they are harsh on your nails and cause them to fray. A glass nail file made from premium Czech glass, also known as a crystal nail file, is gentle on your nails. The grits on a glass fingernail file are treated in such a way that when used across your nails, it seals the edges, which further prevents any breakage and chipping. If you are someone with weak, brittle nails, you should consider switching to a Glass nail file to improve your natural nails.

3. Feel During Use
Don’t you remember that fingernail-on-a-chalk board feeling when filing with an emery board file? As we know, that emery board file is made from cardboard sandpaper; its rough surface leads to that harsh saw-like feeling and leaves your nails with brittle and jagged edges. When you try a premium Czech glass nail file, there is no going back from it! They are designed for a smooth and relaxing filing experience. If you like wearing your natural nails and often opt for manicure at home, a glass nail file is the magic tool you need.
4. Easy to Sanitize and Clean

An emery board has a porous cardboard texture, because of which all the dirt and germs enter its surface, and it is unlikely to sanitize it thoroughly. In the case of a Czech glass nail file, it does not have a porous surface, and it can be easily cleaned with water and soap. Glass nail file makes for a more hygienic choice as none of the bacteria and germs gets trapped in the surface of the water-resistant glass as opposed to an emery board file.


5. Long-Lasting

Emery boards wear out fast and dulls over time On the other hand, a glass nail can last you for years if taken care of properly. If you are someone, who files their nails regularly, you must consider investing in a glass nail file. These Czech glass nail files are sustainable, hygienic, and 100% recyclable. Remember to always store the glass nail files in a sleeve or hard case cover.

Nails are an essential part of your beauty routine, which is why we offer a variety of nail care products like glass nail files and cuticle pushers to help you keep them in the best condition possible. If you're looking for something that will last longer than a traditional emery board , then glass nails might be the perfect solution for you!


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