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Nail Care for Everyone

Nail Care for Everyone

Here at Bona Fide Beauty, we are passionate about nail- and self-care while keeping sustainability in mind.

As a very small team, we realized we all know someone who has troubles doing basic daily functions due to wrist or hand injuries, carpal tunnel, and even rheumatoid arthritis. So we found a solution to make self-care easier said than done when it comes to their nails.

Our Brand Operations Coordinator’s mother has rheumatoid arthritis in her hands. Our Analyst has carpal tunnel. Others have tennis elbow or tendonitis from previous sports injuries that can make filing their nails a painful chore. And worst yet, they sometimes need help from others to be able to trim and polish their nails.

We have the space to create something that can help people. And we want to do just that by sharing the best of Czech glass files and giving people who suffer from hand/wrist pain a sense of independence and freedom to do their own nails whenever and wherever.

With our Drop Ergo Glass nail file, our friends and family that suffer from wrist and hand pains can independently give themselves a manicure. Goodbye to the painful and hard-to-maneuver nail clippers and thin harsh metal nail filers that are difficult to hold. The large surface area of our ergo (“water” drop, or “comma” shape) file allows the user to maintain a comfortable grip.

And because genuine Czech glass nail files can be filed in either direction, the user can easily manipulate and trim nail length, maintain a desired nail shape and smooth their nails to their own satisfaction.

Czech Glass: The Perfect Gift

With the holidays around the corner or for that special someone on their birthday, the glass ergo file set makes for an ideal gift for your loved ones.

This year you are gifting the gift of self-care, independence, and better nail health all wrapped up in a bow!

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