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10-Pack With Sleeves

2-Pack Cuticle Pushers

2-Pack Cuticle Pushers

3-Pack Minis With Hard Cases

3-Pack Minis With Hard Cases

3-Pack Swarovski Files With Hard Cases

3-Pack Titanium Handle With Hard Cases

3-Pack With Sleeves

4-Pack Pastels With Sleeves

5-Pack With Hard Cases I

5-Pack With Hard Cases II

5-Pack With Sleeves

8-Pack With Sleeves

Bow Ergo

Drop Ergo

 Foot File for Soft Soles

Foot Smoother

Gift Cards


Mani Set - Silver

Mani Set - Violet

Mani-Pedi Set - Cobalt

Mani-Pedi Set - Violet

Pet Nail File

Single - Iris

Single - Merlot

Single - Midnight

Single - Sari

Single - Sea Spritz

Single - Sunny Days

Single - Titanium Blue

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