Thank you for choosing Bonafide Beauty Glass Nail Files!

The journey to beautiful and healthy nails starts here! Every Bona Fide Beauty glass nail product is made with your nail health in mind. Our glass files are gentle, safe, hygienic, and easy to use to achieve a professional salon look from home! 

How to use your glass nail file

Bona Fide Beauty glass files are easy to use. Using gentle pressure, simply file the nails in any direction until you reach the desired shape and length. Unlike other typical files, our glass files can be comfortably used in any direction. With every stroke of the file, the fine grit seals in the natural keratin layers at the nail’s edge. The results are strong, healthy, beautiful nails! 


Made from tempered premium Czech glass, each file is durable and can last a long time. To care for your glass nail product, wash the abrasive surface with cool water and a gentle soap. Rinse the file thoroughly and let it air dry on a towel. Once dried, place the file back in its protective case or sleeve. While our glass products are strong, we still recommend working over a soft surface (such as towel) or a tabletop to avoid dropping the file from an elevated height.

File in any direction

Protects and strengthens keratin layers

Reusable and Recyclable

Goodbye breaks and snagging

What people are saying

When I was using a regular nail file, I found I was damaging my cuticles often. That never happens with these products!

Genevieve R.

I love all the wonderful products Bona Fide Beauty has created and will continue to recommend them to everyone!

Leslie Buckley

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