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Glass File Basics

 File in any direction File in any direction. Our files were made for flexibility, and a gentle touch is all you need!
Strong and wear-resistant
Strong and wear-resistant. We temper our glass for maximum wear and durability. Say goodbye to short-lived emery boards - and hello to long-lasting files!
Protects and strengthens
Protects and strengthens. Unlike conventional files that can tear and shred your nails, our files protect those keratin layers for a result that's strong and healthy.
Buttery smooth. Sick of that fingernails-on-a-chalkboard feeing? No sweat. Our line was designed for a smooth, relaxing file.
File in Any Direction Goodbye breaks and snagging! With a fine-grit file that works in both directions, you can forget about rough and jagged edges.
Completely hygienic. Our water-resistant glass is hygienic and easy to clean. Just wash with water - gentle soap optional - and keep the good times going!
Reusable and Recyclable Reusable and Recyclable. Lasting up to four times longer than the metal nail files you're used to, our files won't rot, rust, or corrode, and are 100% recyclable. 

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